Welcome to Jen’s Joe, Southern Illinois’ coffee roaster…

Located in Carbondale, Illinois, Jen’s Joe roasts your chosen coffee from the list of offerings below, and delivers (within a 15 mile radius from Carbondale, Illinois) to your home or workplace. I do not have a retail storefront…that may change in the future.

Jen’s Joe can also be found at Carbondale’s Farmers Market, held every Saturday from April through November. However, because I am new to the Farmers Market, I do not hold a permanent booth. So if you do not see me there, please email, call or text me.

The offerings will change throughout the year because different countries have different harvesting times, as well as crops being affected by weather. I try my best to offer Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Bird Friendly, UTZ Certified, and 4C certified coffees. If there is a coffee you are interested in that is not on the offerings contact me with your request. I will do my best to find it.

Thank you for your interest and purchase in advance. I look forward to roasting for you… Jen LeDuc


To order:

Email- jleduc@jensjoe.com

Phone (or text)- 618.521.2580

"Like" us on Facebook: facebook.com/JensJoe

Jen's Joe - Current Coffee Offerings


To order:       Email- jleduc@jensjoe.com       Phone (or text)- 618.521.2580

Last updated - 3 December 2014