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Current Offerings

As of December 20, 2017

Coffee 8 oz 16 oz Description Roast--unless you want it differently
Brasil Organic Cerrado  $8.45 $15.69 Heavy, cocoa and soy nut Medium/Dark Roast
Colombia Tolimo Fair Trade/Organic   $8.48 $15.76 Caramel, chocolate; sweet and tart with a smooth mouthfeel Medium/Dark Roast
Costa Rica San Antonia CoopeTarrazu $8.51 $15.82 Toffee and almond flavors with mild floral aroma; sweet with tart citric acidity Light Roast
Guatemala Fair Trade/Organic Huehuetenango  $8.48 $15.75 Chocolate, smooth with slight acidity  Medium Roast
Honduras Fair Trade/Organic RFA  - Las Capucas    $8.45 $15.71 Walnut, apple, dark chocolate, herbal with medium/bright acidity Medium Roast
Mexico Chiapas Fair Trade/Organic  $8.69 $15.85 Toffee, almond and lemon with a soft herbal after taste Medium/Dark Roast
Mexico Fair Trade/Organic Decaf  $8.46 $15.91 Mild, sweet, soft and lemon Dark Roast
Nicaragua Fair Trade/Organic Segovia   $8.42 $15.61 Peanut, lemon, cocoa powder and tobacco leaf Medium Roast
Peru Fair Trade/Organic Norte CENFROCAFE $8.48 $15.72 Toffee and mild lemon Medium Roast
Sumatra Reje Gayo Co-op Fair Trade/Organic $8.70 $15.96 Heavy mouthfeel with chocolate, earthy flavors with tangy citric acidity  Dark Roast
Umbra Fair Trade/Organic  $8.69 $16.19 Chocolate, heavy body with citric acidity Dark Roast


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