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As of August 14, 2017


4 oz

8 oz



Roast--unless you want it differently

Colombia Fair Trade/Organic Tolimo




Cocolate, almond, and citric acidity

Medium/Dark Roast

Guatemala Fair Trade/Organic Huehuetenango




Chocolate, smooth with slight acidity

Medium Roast

Mexico Fair Trade/Organic Chiapas




Toffee, almond and lemon with a soft herbal after taste

Medium/Dark Roast

Mexico Fair Trade/Organic Decaf




Mild, sweet, soft and lemon

Dark Roast

Sumatra Fair Trade/Organic




Green pepper, sweet cedar, sweet and tart with a smooth mouthfeel

Dark Roast

Tanzania Peaberry




Sweet cedar and citric

Light/Medium Roast

Umbra Fair Trade/Organic




Chocolate, heavy body with citric acidity

Dark Roast



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