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Jen’s Joe Coffee Bar

Located at 212 S. University Carbondale, IL (directions)

Definition of coffee bar by Merriam-Webster

Definition of coffee bar by Merriam-Webster

an establishment or counter where coffee and usually light refreshments are served

When you come to Jen’s Joe, this is what you will find:

  • Hot Coffee - Origins changed daily based on current offerings
  • Cold Brew - super-secret blend of Jen’s
  • Hot Tea - Black, Green, plus local herbal tea by Mustard Seed Sowers Farm
  • Cold tea - Local herbal by Mustard Seed and Shawnee HIlls Lavender
  • Coffee slushy and Chai slushy only available in the hot, humid southern Illinois season.
  • Coffee Popsicles….that’s right, coffee popsicles.
    4 kinds: Coconut, Mocha, Caramel, and French Vanilla
    (Vegan and decaf versions coming soon)
  • Chocolate coffee bark: 3 Kinds: Plain, Peppermint and Orange
  • Whole bean and other merchandise available for purchase.
So let’s get to the big question…. Where is the Espresso?

So let’s get to the big question….
Where is the Espresso?

Yes, espresso is coffee, but there is a big difference….it’s the process. A process which takes skill and experience, and Jen’s Joe’s focus is roasting single origin coffee. It also requires a machine that needs room, which at present location is not available. So if you are looking for an espresso based drink you will have to wait for 3 things to happen:

1. For Jen’s Joe to expand its space or move to a larger location
2. For Jen to buy an espresso machine
3. For Jen and her peeps to go to barista school

The moral of the story is…the more you buy the quicker espresso will appear.
Until that time comes, and it will, Jen’s Joe is a coffee bar.

Coffee Bar Hours:  Tuesday-Friday 7:30am – 2pm Saturday 1pm - sunset

Coffee Bar Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 7:30am – 2pm
Saturday 1pm - sunset

Since we are at the Carbondale Farmer's Market we have moved the Saturday hours to: 1pm until sunset (Starting 21 July 2018)

Now obviously, sunset time changes daily, so check when sunset is if you plan on coming by the coffee bar.

We plan on making Saturdays a day of experimenting with “events” specials, and other festivities. Stay tuned, and keep an eye on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/JensJoe

Grab a seat for some excellent people watching, bring a snack or lunch with friends. You can study (Free Wi-Fi) read or do other non-nuisance creative activity.

Finding US

The drama of parking at a business working the corner of 2 one way streets…..
1. Easy street side parking on Rt. 13 East (Walnut St) for quick in and out.

2. The parking lot on 51 South (University Ave) is a bit tricky, but when you see this (draw an arrow to picture if possible) picture sign, turn in front of it.

The entrance to Jen’s Joe is on the absolute corner of 51 South and 13 East. Look for the logo on the door.




Now do not confuse Jen’s Joe with E. Claire Salon. Yes, we are on the same floor, but we are separate businesses! The parallel would be if you stop at the unmentionable café located within a grocery store, but with WAY better coffee, better service and separated by a door.

Just because we are separate businesses doesn’t mean we don’t help each other out. When Jen’s Joe is closed the E. Claire Salon Team will be happy to help you buy whole bean coffee, chocolate coffee bark and other merchandise….but they can’t serve you any drinks. Sorry.

Jen's Joe